Day 6: Configuring telnet

I wanted to open a terminal in the Raspberry Pi from Windows but Windows does not have a native SSH client. The fast fix was configuring Telnet. Although this protocol is not ciphered, I don’t think I would have a security problem using it in my home network.

Raspberry Pi

I followed this tutorial to configuring the Pi:

  • sudo apt-get install telnetd
  • Rebooted the Pi


Windows 7 kind of have the Telnet client but you need to “turn it on”:

Control Panel -> Programs -> Turn Windows features on or off



Usually this installation is very fast and easy.

After everything was set up, I needed to find the IP address of the Pi. It can be done using the following command:

  • ifconfig

After that, I was able to run the terminal from the Command Prompt using the following command:

  • C:\> Telnet